Marketing Communication of Hero Supermarket in Promoting New Products Case Study Promotion of Maicih Products in Hero Emerald Tangerang

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As more retail businesses in concepts of hypermarket, supermarket, and minimarket grows larger in size all over Indonesia, the competitions are emerging as well. In businesses, marketing communication holds an important role in the growth as more marketers are required to be more creative in terms of designing strategy in marketing communication. Product success, whether if it is goods or services, is determined by how the marketers sees the demand and needs in the people and how accurate marketing communication is implemented. The aim of this research is to find out the strategy of marketing communication of PT Hero Supermarket Tbk when revealing new products. By using qualitative approach, the method of this research is a qualitative descriptive study case. It is to break down, explain and elaborate comprehensively about the marketing communication strategy of PT Hero Supermarket Tbk in promoting new products in a manner of promotion mix or in an integrated marketing blend. Such manners are operated to accelerate the delivery of information to the customers. The success of a program is defined by the increase of sales and receiving positive feedback from customers as relation of action-reaction upon promotion. Such strategy is being conducted also in an effort of informing new products and also increasing short term and long term sales number.

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Harningsih, H. (2021). Marketing Communication of Hero Supermarket in Promoting New Products: Case Study Promotion of Maicih Products in Hero Emerald Tangerang. PROPAGANDA, 1(2), 102–112.


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