Best Practice using Google Classroom and Youtube Learning Videos as Mathematics Learning Media During Limited Face-to-Face Learning (PTMT) at SMPN 51 Jakarta


  • Stefanus Universitas Indraprasta PGRI



google classroom, youtube, learning videos, Limited Face-to-Face Learning (PTMT)


This research aims to describe the process of using educational media that is effective during limited face-to-face education (PTMT) both inside and outside the classroom in mathematics at SMPN 51 Jakarta using the Google Classroom and Youtube applications. This application is used to help motivate and media in improving face-to-face (synchronous) and indirect (asynchronous) education. Google Classroom and YouTube learning videos are implemented during limited face-to-face education for the 2021/2022 school year where at that time education is tried alternately between face-to-face and distance education (PJJ). The use of Google classroom with inserts of YouTube learning videos is used as an effective learning medium for PTMT during the corona virus disease 19 pandemic which is attacking the country, especially the international world. Research is carried out through the stages of planning, implementing, observing, and reflecting. Information collection was carried out using the method 1.) Observation 2.) Interview, 3.) Practice Test. There are also types of instruments used, including: a) observation sheet, b) interview guide, c) practice test evaluation sheet. The results of this research were that 78% of students scored above 75 when using Google Classroom and 85% of students scored above 75 when using learning videos. Jakarta agrees that the evaluation media is very efficient to use during PTMT. Thus, if the use of Google Classroom educational media and learning videos on Youtube is proven to be able to increase the effectiveness of learning Mathematics in PTMT. This is proven by showing that the results of observing the use of Google Classroom media by inserting YouTube learning videos are always increasing.


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