Optimization of P2TL Implementation (Implementation of Controlling the use of Electric Power)


  • Diyarto Universitas Global Jakarta
  • Antonius Darma Setiawan Universitas Global Jakarta
  • Muhammad Haikal Satria Universitas Global Jakarta
  • Yanuar Zulardiansyah Arif Universitas Global Jakarta
  • Wasiran Universitas Global Jakarta




electricity, PLN, P2TL, losses, power, optimizati


Electricity is a necessity of life which is very important in supporting daily activities. By requiring that as a national electricity service provider, PLN or the State Electricity Company under the auspices of the electricity sector try to be able to fulfill these needs to the fullest. The purpose of this research is to analyze one of the causes of the problem of high power loss due to both technical and non-technical factors. The method used in this research is qualitative with a case study approach. The results of this government research are in order to reduce losses and non-technical factors, PLN issued a policy "Implementation of Controlling Electricity Usage (P2TL)", and in its implementation in the field there are still deficiencies in the implementation of P2TL SOPs. With this optimization it aims to assist the implementation of the "Power Consumption Control Program (P2TL)" which is already underway, the constraints and obstacles that occur in the implementation of P2TL and provide solutions to these obstacles


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Diyarto, D., Setiawan , A. D. ., Satria , M. H. ., Arif, Y. Z. ., & Wasiran, W. (2022). Optimization of P2TL Implementation (Implementation of Controlling the use of Electric Power). NUCLEUS, 3(2), 113–122. https://doi.org/10.37010/nuc.v3i2.972



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