Indirect Effect Analysis on Structural Equation Modeling

Comparative Study of Using Amos and SmartPLS Software


  • Muhammad Darwin Universitas Nasional
  • Khoirul Umam Universitas Indraprasta PGRI



structural equation modeling, Amos, indirect effect, SmartPLS


The purpose of this study was to determine the differences and similarities of the Indirect Effect analysis on Structural Equation Modeling using Amos and SmartPLS software. The research method used is to use comparative qualitative research methods. Analysis of the data used using the Spradley Model, with a research process that departs from a broader explanation of the indirect effect of SEM, then focuses on comparisons between software and finds the common thread of research (discovering cultural themes). The limitation of this research is limited to the comparison seen in terms of usage and availability of the software output. The scope of this research discussion is limited to national scale research. The result is that there are differences in the indirect effect analysis on different values ??and evaluation results. Then it is different in testing the Indirect Effect hypothesis, both use different tools but may result in an accepted or rejected evaluation depending on the type of data and the research model. While the similarities obtained are that the results of the evaluation in the illustration of this study both result in the rejected hypothesis.



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Darwin, M., & Umam, K. (2020). Indirect Effect Analysis on Structural Equation Modeling: Comparative Study of Using Amos and SmartPLS Software. NUCLEUS, 1(2), 50–57.



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