Management of Workers' Skin Health in Indonesia: A Literature Review on Occupational Dermatology


  • Reza Yuridian Purwoko Faculty of Medicine, President University
  • Rima Melati Faculty of Medicine, President University
  • Sri Idaiani Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional
  • Inneke Winda Ferianasari Faculty of Medicine, President University
  • Evy Aryanti RSUD Kabupaten Bekasi



occupational health and safety, occupational dermatology, preventive interventions, indonesia


Occupational dermatology is a crucial field in understanding and managing skin conditions due to occupational exposure. However, there is a gap in research regarding risk factors and effective interventions for these conditions. This study aims to identify key risk factors in occupational dermatology and evaluate the effectiveness of various preventive interventions through a comprehensive literature review. This study used the literature review method by analysing articles published in reputable journals related to occupational dermatology. Literature sources were identified through major academic databases and were evaluated based on their relevance, quality, and contribution to the to the research topic. The results of the literature review indicate that chemical exposure, poor personal hygiene, and inadequate use of personal protective equipment are major risk factors for work-related skin conditions. Interventions such as hygiene training, proper use of personal protective equipment, and occupational health education programmes have been shown to be effective in reducing the incidence of skin conditions. This study emphasises the importance of preventive interventions in managing occupational dermatology. The results can be used to develop more effective occupational health policies and raise awareness about the importance of hygiene practices in the workplace.


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