Differences in the Performance of the Revo 110 Cc Motor using a Mixture of Additives on Pertalite Fuel and Without Additives


  • Yanuar Kristiana A Universitas Indraprasta PGRI




pertalite additives, power, torque, specific fuel consumption


The development of science and technology is now growing rapidly, especially in the field of automotive technology. The development of technology in the automotive sector is followed by an increase in the desire of the Indonesian people for good motor performance in various ways, from modifying motorbikes to adding additives as fuel mixtures. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there is an effect of adding additives in pertalite fuel to performance and fuel consumption. This research method is experimental and descriptive statistics. Variations of RPM 3000, 4000, and 5000 RPM were carried out to determine the difference in power, torque and fuel consumption, power and torque testing using the Dhynotest, while fuel consumption testing was carried out by observing through a burret / measuring flask. From the research results, it can be seen that the increase in power and torque is due to an increase in RON which makes compression pressure and also when ignition is right so that the combustion pressure is relatively maximum and the resulting torque is also maximum. Maximum torque generated at 4000 rpm using a mixture of pertalite additives is 7.80 Nm, while the maximum power generated at 5000 rpm using a mixture of pertalite additives is 3.40 kW. The reduction in fuel consumption is due to the formation of a proportional mixture of fuel and air and due to the complete combustion process in the combustion chamber. The lowest fuel consumption was obtained at 4000 rpm by using a mixture of pertalite additives, which is 0.33 kg / kW / hour.


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