Analysis of Student Satisfaction in the Learning Process through Online Chat Applications


  • Windi Megayanti Universitas Indraprasta PGRI



student satisfaction, learning process, online chat application


This study aims to analyze student satisfaction in the learning process carried out through online chat applications. The method used in this study is the ex post facto method and a survey was conducted to 282 students who took online learning from March to July 2020. The results showed that out of 282 students stated that as many as 89% of students participated in the learning process through the WhatsApp chat application , 10% of students study through Telegram, the rest through Line and WeChat. Based on this experience, as many as 55.7% stated that they were not satisfied with the learning process carried out through online chat applications. After further investigation, this dissatisfaction occurs due to students not being able to concentrate properly in following the learning process. This is because students are easily distracted by private chats that they also do in the same application. In addition, the problem of internet quota is also the second biggest obstacle after concentration. Interaction, devices, teacher professionalism, and time also emerged as factors that influenced the dissatisfaction.


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