Improving Early Childhood Language Skills through Storytelling Methods


  • Fatwah Hanipah Universitas Indraprasta PGRI
  • Irwan Siagian Universitas Indraprasta PGRI



early childhood, language, storytelling method


Early age or familiarly known as the golden age is in the age range of 0-6 years. At this time the child gets the right stimulus so that the child's development can take place optimally, one of which is the storytelling method. This study aims to improve the language skills of early childhood using the storytelling method and to describe the language skills possessed by children through the storytelling method. The existence of this research is because there are still many children who are not able to speak properly and correctly. In this study using the literature study method where this technique uses the method of collecting library data, reading, writing and processing research results from several books, articles and journals. The results of research using this storytelling method can improve linguistic development in children and give children confidence to participate in storytelling. This is evidenced by the results of research that the storytelling method is one of the efforts to develop children's language.


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