Democratic Leadership Process in Improving the Quality of Vocational High Schools


  • Bakti Toni Endaryono Institut Agama Islam Nasional Laa Roiba Bogor
  • Tjipto Djuhartono Universitas Indraprasta PGRI



democratic leadership, quality improvement, vocational high school


The purpose of this research/study is in general to find out and discuss democratic leadership in improving quality in vocational high schools. The research method used in this study is the literature method with a qualitative approach with data sources through books and references to previous research results. The results of this research/study are that democratic leadership in quality improvement in vocational high schools can be reached with two processes that must be carried out, including the decision-making process carried out by democratic leadership in quality improvement, namely through a process of deliberation for consensus involving all leaders with a SWOT analysis to review from four different angles based on ethical values ??that promote honesty, responsibility, good faith, respect and humility, harmony and tolerance, mutual forgiveness, patience, and integrity. In addition, democratic leadership should in improving the quality of vocational high schools through (1) deliberations, (2) empowerment which involves the perceptions of members with a authority approach and a behavioral approach, (3) delegation process, where delegation is delegation of authority and ( 4) official responsibility to others to be applied to carry out activities to achieve effective results, where the leader has the function of controlling and controlling an organization.


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