Utilization of Coffee Peel Waste (Cascara) into Packaged Tea Drinks Kopipa.id SMES in Surakarta


  • Ari Susanti Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Surakarta
  • Aditya Liliyan Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Surakarta
  • Mellia Silvy Irdianty Universitas Kusuma Husada Surakarta




coffee skin waste, the packaging, training


The problem that occurs to partners is the accumulation of coffee skin waste, many farmers complain about because they are unable to use it as a selling value product, the coffee skin waste produced will be used to produce useful and quality packaged tea products, supporting tools in processing coffee skin waste are still simply by partners, nutritional content will also be considered so that the product is safe for consumption by the public, packaging that has not attracted consumers. This service is carried out at Kopipa.id SMEs in Surakarta. Solutions by procuring supporting equipment to carry out more modern Cascara processing, conducting laboratory tests on the feasibility of the product for consumption, explaining the procedure for making cascara into packaged tea drinks, packaging products that attract consumers, conducting training and mentoring as well as financial management in producing products so as to obtain profitable products. The goal is to be able to utilize dried coffee skin waste into a product that has high selling value and make attractive packaged beverage products and be able to manage marketing and finance properly and appropriately. The methods achieved are identification of community needs, design, manufacture of products from traditional to modern, make packaging attractive, conduct laboratory tests and provide training and assistance on marketing management and financial management. The services that have been carried out are procurement of equipment for production, business management and packaging training stages and financial management. The resulting product is cascara which has been tested at the Surakarta Goods Quality Testing and Certification Center (BPSMB).


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