Application of Educational Game Learning Media for Early Childhood TKQ Al-Banna


  • Septiana Ika Ningtyas Universitas Indraprasta PGRI



educate games, early chilhood, technology


Educational game applications are currently being used by students, from kindergarten to college students. Due to the idea of ??educators providing fun learning when learning is done online (on a network) with the Covid-19 virus outbreak, it requires every resident to practice social distancing where to avoid crowds, activities that require many participants and so on. Of course it is not an easy thing when students are "forced" to be technology literate, especially at an early age, namely the kindergarten level and it becomes quite confusing because the majority of parents and teachers do not understand how to use educational games and this is quite complicated in its application coupled with lack of parental supervision when their children play online games and the use of internet quota which is quite consuming because their children often use them to play online games. The purpose of this activity is to introduce teachers to online games that are more educative to students as a means to refresh students' minds when learning to only use books and train students' focus on deepening the material that has been given. The method used is to provide education as well as workshops and direct practice of using this educational game. The results obtained from this program are educandy games are very useful both teachers and students at TKQ Al-Banna have a new activity, namely the teacher can combine learning methods from conventional ones combined with technology that makes learning easier and teachers can deliver material and practice questions no longer monotonous and distract students from online games that are less educational.


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