Training on Making Organic Fertilizer and Marketing for Residents in Pitiriawa District, Sidrap Regency


  • Faris Jumawan Universitas Fajar
  • Wawan Darmawan Universitas Fajar
  • Andi Febriana Tamrin Universitas Fajar



organic fertilizer, product marketing, labeling


This KKN PPM activity program aims to increase student awareness and empathy towards the problems faced by the KKN village community, so that there is a change in the behavior of students and target groups. In addition, to empower the community in making local-based fertilizers in Pituriawa District, Sidrap Regency. Increased production in this case includes the production of using locally based fertilizers. In addition, optimization and diversification of natural fertilizer products is an added value in increasing people's income. In this activity, English learning will also be held for schools, youth organizations and local communities / residents are expected to be able to apply basic theories of English. The automation of English training is supporting the labeling and marketing of locally based fertilizer products. The strategy used is the empowerment of the target group with the PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal) approach, with the methods of education, training, demonstration plots, and mentoring. The activity plan includes: demonstration plots, training and mentoring which is first carried out through outreach. The training materials include: (1) Fertilizer Extension, (2) Making Compost, (3) Making Liquid Fertilizer, (4) English Language Training, (5) Labeling training (6) Product Marketing Management, (7) strengthening marketing networks. The results achieved are community independence in making local-based fertilizers themselves so that they are able to reduce the cost of purchasing fertilizers.


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